Whitney and Matsaya creates painterly images with an editorial edge, making sure subjects look and feel amazing. They are sought after for their ethereal style, eye for creativity, and their passion to empower relationships through soulful photography.

Whitney & Matsaya

A Deeper Purpose

Our parents divorced when we were ages 10 and 4, and we felt the painful impact of broken relationships. Photography is just one of many ways for us to live our lives purposefully - using our craft to stir the hearts of the people we meet and their friends and families for generations. It is our greatest hope that our work will always remind others to cherish and hold their loved ones close.

From Whitney & Matsaya

Your authentic story is captured with a lasting impact for you and your loved ones.

Our clients love the comfort and relaxation they have when working with us. Your confidence is our priority because "being yourself" is the greatest thing you can do. It brings a one-of-a-kind quality to your photographs. We create meaningful imagery that is visually and emotionally romantic - endlessly inspiring you with your own story.

I want people to be brought back to the  joy they had when they said, "I do."



For as long as I can remember, the people in my family had always loved the camera. I began venturing into photography as a middle schooler and was gifted my first camera by my father. In the beginning, my greatest goal was to create stunning and aesthetically pleasing portraits of people. However, after so many stunning yet purposeless images, I began to crave for deeper storytelling. My goal is to change lives by telling honest and impacting stories of people.


My mother influenced my love for photography. In my early childhood, she would often dress up my siblings and I and make us pose in front of her flower gardens. Similarly, I began having family members pose for me as I explored the camera and eventually transformed this hobby into a career.  My favorite thing about being a wedding photographer is that seeing people commit to love is always inspiring and never gets old.



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